Security Products

Remote Bell
A battery or mains operated bell operated from directional / directionless remote.
Access Control System More Info
Alarms More Info
Automatic Door Opener
wireless / wired remote to lock / unlock the cabin door More Info
CC Camera More Info
Door Guard
When the main door is opened ,audible /visual alarm is sounded after a preset time delay. More Info
Smart Card Attendance Recording System
The systems reads , displays RF card , stores the data in the memory and can be connected to serial port of PC to download the data. More Info
Door Phone
To communicate the visitor or to monitor the  conversation  at the door from a independent telephone. Also the door phone can be directly connected to any EPABX. More Info
Emergency Call Bell System More Info
Guard Alert
The unit sound a bell every 15/30 minutes to keep the guard alert. If the bell is not reset, the internal counter advances by one. More Info
Intruder Alarm : Interruption Type More Info
Intruder Alarm : Proximity Type
A audible or visual alarm is sounded when invisible beam is interupted .
More Info
Listening Bug
To monitor or tape the conversation at any place from a distance. More Info
Panic Alarm More Info
Panic Alarm For Factory Gate More Info
Peon Call System More Info
PIR Movement Light More Info
PIR movement Alarm More Info
Push To Open Type Door Releaser More Info
Security System For House More Info
Remote Switch
A battery or mains operated switch ,operated from directional / directionless remote. Also available with four channels.
More Info
Security System For Bank More Info
Smoke Detector More Info
Society Intercom More Info
Panic Alarm For Multistoried flats/ building ownerships More Info
Barking Bell
At switch on produces ,loud barking sound of a dog.
Wicket Gate Opening Alarm
A audible or visual alarm is sounded when gate is opened.
More Info
Twilight Switch
Switches on lights at dusk & switches off at a dawn.
More Info
Telephone House Guard
To monitor house from distance by dialing our number , as the sounds in our house can be heard. With this unit you can monitor the positions of the doors in your house by dialing your house telephone from anywhere. Also you can hear the conversation going on in your house from a remote place.
Under developement
Manual / Automatic Telephone Recording Unit
Records conversation of both the parties on a ordinary tape recorder.

We also provide shatter switch, smoke detectors, society intercom, video distributer, audio-video switcher.